Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Moving On To The Next Chapter

Year 2015 is kinda  a rollercoaster ride to me, it wasn't that bad nor good. Just okay, this year plenty of my friends are getting married. Not to mention next year, I guess I might be left to be in a Singelacy Club after this. When the time has come, I will meet someone that is meant to be my life partner.

I was thinking of to start my new life at somewhere else, it just part of my plan. I've been staying in Miri for a quite long time, even kinda envy of my friend they have many years of experience living at other country and state. On which makes me wonder, that is how makes them more mature and their mind way aboard rather than stay at the same place or hometown by without taking any chances to learn a new experience. 

I guess this pic took somewhere in year of 2009 or 2010. Abhoy, Zickry & Along ... 2 of them are already married and Along is coming soon ... hehe ... Singlelacy Club members are getting less and lesser year by year

Well this is a pic of mine back in 3 or 4 years ago lol

This is what I want to laugh about. We took this picture at Tanjong Lobang (Taman Selera), we all are very sarcastic and keep on doing crazy things hahaha!!

Friendship never ends

I have no further explanation onto this pic lol ..

Oh by the way, one of our friend gonna leaving soon on which is Abhoy (Firdaus). He's migrating to KL or Port Dickson something like that. Where it might kinda awkward for us to blend ourself without him into our group. Well as I said before, everyone has their own path and move onto the next chapter of life. We'll never be the same again, but there is a time we all will be unite together especially during Hari Raya or Holiday Break some sort of like that. Just that, am I destine to be start a new life somewhere else for couple of years then back again to my hometown. 

We have to a risk and challenge ourself how to survive and moving forward.

Be positive.  

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